I really like bullet points so here it goes:

  • 4 years in the Marines (Iraq War Vet)
  • Spent some time in the non-profit industry (not for me)
  • Went back to school in my 30’s to complete undergrad
  • I like to travel, eat food and try out new places!
  • Studied Finance/Accounting (Minor in Economics)
  • I dabble in photography (Nikon D300 and Iphone 5s)
  • I love movies and music
  • I read a lot of History, Finance and Self Improvement books
  • I watch and play hockey (sometimes)
  • I love tech toys and I’m sort of an Apple fan boy
  • I’m pretty serious but also sarcastic with a some dark humor.
  • Anything else, just ask me or watch the video below!!

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