Shake Shack in California

I remember my first time trying Shake Shack, it was at the Upper West Side location on Columbus and West 77th street after a visit to the Museum of Natural History.  I had heard lots of chatter about the burger joint, and me being the lover of burgers (especially In-N-Out), I just had to stop by.  It was awesome, and every trip to the city required at least one stop at a Shake Shack for their signature Shack Burger and a pint of ShackMeister Ale brought to you by Brooklyn Brewery. Unfortunately there was no locations in So-Cal.

Just recently they FINALLY opened up their VERY first location in West Hollywood. I was anxious for the opportunity to enjoy a delicious Shack Burger and a pint of my favorite brewery’s beer!   Yesterday I finally was able to stop in and enjoy it!!!

As a native son of Southern California I am a diehard In-N-Out fan! Double Double, animal style and a Neapolitan shake please!!  I have a little secret. Shake Shack gives In-N-Out a run for their money.  Let me explain why.


Burger: What you see above is their signature Shack burger.  If you look closely you’ll see that the meat patty isn’t perfectly circular, meaning it is hand formed.  It had just the right amount of pink inside, and not dry at all.  Juicy as a burger should be.  Lettuce and tomato was fresh.  The potato bun is amazing. It is soft, chewy and soaks up the juice of the patty perfectly.  After doing some research I learned that their buns are provided by Martins Famous Pastry Shoppe in Pennsylvania, which started around the 1950’s.

Fries: Crinkle cut, crispy, and super awesome.  I love these fries over any other hamburger joint.

Beer: Their House beer, called ShackMeister Ale is brewed by Brooklyn Brewery which also happens to be my favorite brewery.  I love their beer.

Although I haven’t tried their custard shakes, I have heard great things about them.

Conclusion: So which burger is better, In-N-Out or Shake Shack?  I am going to give them a tie, they both have their strengths, but Shake Shack serves beer!!  So that just might give them the edge.  Give them a try, I am sure you won’t be disappointed!!


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